by Rev. Paul Sungro Lee

Karibu Kwenye Shule La Kimissionary Katika Lugha Ya Kiswahili

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Welcome to the Swahili site of School Of Mission!



Rev. Silas Yego, Vice Bishop of Africa Inland Church, said, "The need in Africa today is for trained leaders!" Dr. Tite Tienou, Academic Dean at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, also said, "Current methods of training are not able to keep up with the tremendous need for leadership in the African church today. Africa needs more trainers." These testimonies are one of many motivators of translating this study into Swahili.

The Swahili translation was made by a group of faithful gospel workers in Kenya for one primary purpose; to train soul-winners and church planters of Africa in this last days. All along in my Christian service in the area of ministerial training, I dreamt of seeing one curriculum which relevantly combines all the essential teachings, needed to help equip a preacher for ministry. After having gained some 'know-how's of ministerial training and church planting work in East Africa for years, I began to comprehend that there should be a wider scale of preacher training effort for Africa, just like two other outstanding African Christian leaders of today pointed out earlier. Years ago, God has led me to discover the lesson plans, written by Dr. Les Norman of DCI Trust in the United Kingdom.

The lesson plans, which we soon adopted in our own training strategy for East Africa, have helped us initiate our churches to plant many daughter churches by training key leaders within their national churches. Apparently, this "School Of Mission" strategy has been a backbone of our church planting ministry since 2000. I, and many others, had to agree that it was a sovereign work of God when we saw this strategy contributing in planting of nearly 150 new churches within a period of three years. 

We, then, came to believe that if these lessons are translated into Swahili it will increase numbers of trained church leaders and planted churches by those who may find themselves more fluent with Swahili. After completion of this Swahili translation, a number of planted churches grew in our mission, as expected. We can testify to you power of this study. It actually works in ministry fields!

We hope you’ll enjoy your visit to this Swahili study. Please take a look, and if you need further information after visiting the web site, please contact us by writing at eaptc@eaptc.org. We’ll be happy to reply to you as soon as possible.

Once again, my heartfelt gratitude goes to Les Norman who not only provided us with this hands-on tool but also did not spare his encouragement while translating the study. Of course, my highest thanks go to Lord Jesus who has called me into this wonderful ministry and meaningful work – serving his servants!