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Les Norman,
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My name appears just once towards the very last pages of this fascinating book and to my mind this actually reflects my very great loss for it means that I was not there to personally see the events of the earlier years which are so vividly recounted in the preceding chapters. 

Jean pulls back the curtains on a way of living the Christian life that few young ladies ever choose, and fewer still ever find the freedom to write about what happened. Even if they do then much mystery always remains and their lives rarely allow joy and laughter to emerge. 

Not so in this book. 

Jean's stories will astonish and perplex you, and quite frankly it is worth reading the whole book just to read the Alka-Seltzer story at which point you will be forgiven if your imagination runs riot. Neither Sister Act l or Sister Act 2 from Hollywood's best comes anywhere near this episode which actually happened and I for one would have paid good money to be the proverbial fly on the wall. 

In all seriousness though this is an account of a life lived for God, but more than that it is the story of a life chosen by God with no explanation given. Many years had to go by before the questions even began to be answered and then even more came as this journey of life changed direction in ways that were never foreseen except by the One who called. 

This very delightful yet moving account leaves you hungry to know what will happen next and when you say to yourself, 'Go on, just one more chapter," it is rarely what you expect. God saves the day time and time again in this story but not always in the time-honoured tradition of a happy ending on time and to order. 

My wife Pilar and I have known Jean for some twenty years and we owe her and her gentleman husband Captain Fred a debt that can never be repaid for the way they invested their lives into the call of Christ upon our own lives, a call they seemed able to see when others couldn't or wouldn't, and many was the day when even we had little idea where we were going. But Jean did and her words, insights and prayers have proven to be uncannily accurate as the years have gone by. 

On two occasions the Church of yesteryear thought it better that Jean should look elsewhere for her future and in a moment took away the treasured ambition of a young heart. In closing I will say without a moment's hesitation that their loss has been our very great gain, and not only ours but also that of great and grateful crowd of people from all walks of life and lately from many nations who have rubbed shoulders with Jean Mercer and gone on their way with something of the faith, prayers and the very Christ-like spirit of this remarkable lady clinging not just to their clothes but to their souls. 

Les Norman


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